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Lockdown & Online Projects at Salsa Madras

Since the Pandemic started, we quickly started to adapt to the new changes and kept us busy all through the tough times sharing the passion for dancing and lot of positivity! We are quite proud for what we have achieved and been doing over the pandemic! Below some of the Projects & Trainings that happened over the online training, that ended up into a Video!

Salsa Madras Lockdown Kizomba Project 2020 - Djadja

We started our first Zoom lessons in March and already trained 2 Salsa choreographies over Online. We wanted to try to make a video out of one of the projects from the enthusiastic dancers who were part of our trainings and hence the idea of making a video popped up!

For the first time, we used 'Breakout rooms' in Zoom to teach the men & women separately and later to dance together! As Sneha & I were teahcing over a 10 day course, we encouraged the students to send videos for feedback and make a final video for the edit. ' In the meantime, after exploring a lot of options & getting a lot of expert advice, we finalised on using 'Filmora' to edit the videos and Richard did an amazing job of pulling it all together into one video! and Voila!

Idea & Concept: Arun S Pauer

Choreographers: Sneha Vakkala & Arun S Pauer

Editing: Richard Pereira

Production: Salsa Madras

Dancers in the Video

  • Abishek Sekar

  • Angel Reena

  • Anora Willy

  • Arun S Pauer

  • Ashish Agarwal

  • Colene Tan

  • Julia Pauer

  • Kristen Kogler

  • Nibedita Ghosh

  • Pooja Ramesh

  • Ranjani Venkataramani

  • Sapna Shah

  • Shruti Kuruvilla

  • Sneha Vakkala

  • Vijay Balaji

  • Yashwanth

  • Yuvarani Sharan

Song: Djadja

Artist: Aya Nakamura

P.S. we don't own the rights of the Music

Kizz 2.0 Quarantine Project

Soon after the frist successful project, we announced the second one to also use one of our dear friend's Song! Daddy Killa a popular Kizomba Singer ended up being a very close friend to us as he was invited twice to our festival and he was such a fun company all through the festival and we wanted to make a tribute to his song!

As Part of the Salsa Madras Quarantine Projects, Kizz 2.0 is yet another exciting course that was offered by Salsa Madras to dancers and students from around the world.

Direction: Arun Pauer & Sneha Vakkala,

the final video had 6 dancers from India, Austria & the USA.

Song: Archie & Sizzle - Na Minha Cabeça (ft. Daddy Killa)

Choreographers: Arun Pauer & Sneha Vakkala


  • Arun Pauer

  • Sneha Vakkala

  • Shruti Kuruvilla

  • Leona Graf

  • Meena Chockalingam

  • Abishek Sekar

Edit: Arun Pauer

Kizomba Beginners Choreo

One of the First online/studio projects was this Kizomba Beginners video below. What started off as an online class, ended with a few studio classes when the lockdown got relaxed a bit. The choreography was made into a video with the students together in the Studio!


  • Sneha Vakkala

  • Meenakshi Periyakaruppan

  • Sujata De

  • Kavya

Choreography: Sneha Vakkala

Video: Deepak Raj

Edit: Arun Pauer

Location: Salsa Madras, Sada Studio, Chennai

Song: Faz De Novo

Artist: Jordania

Afro Cuban Fusion Choreography #1

The Afro Cuban classes, esp. Introduction to Orishas, was a collaborative online workshops that started in October. It was a monthly special at Salsa Madras, instructed by Ryoko Ohara, Tokyo, Japan. Following the foundation courses on Orishas, we had our first Fusion Choreography session in April and the product of the course what you see below!

The Dancers made their versions from their respective places and we made it into a fusion video.

Song: La Cartera

Artist: Larry Harlow

Choreography: Ryoko Ohara, Japan


  • Arun S Pauer

  • Vijay Balaji

  • Kristen Kogler

  • Anora Willy

  • Ayumi Matasura

  • Ryoko Ohara

Video Edit: Arun S Pauer

This Choreography was part of the Online Live session for Afro Cuban Fusion instructed by Ryoko hosted by Salsa Madras, Chennai on 11 April 2021.

Afro Cuban Fusion Choreography #2

Below is the Video compilation of Dancers from Austria, Japan & Cambodia dancing to the Beautiful Choreography of RYOKO OHARA, Japan as part of the Monthly Online Intensive - Afro Cuban Fusion Challenge hosted by Salsa Madras in May 2021.


  • Arun S Pauer (India/Austria)

  • Ryoko Ohara (Japan)

  • Ayumi Matsuura (Japan/Cambodia)

  • Akane Watanabe (Japan)

Song: Eugen Cicero - Etude in G sharp minor (La Campanella)

Video Edit: Arun S Pauer

This Choreography was part of the Online Live session for Afro Cuban Fusion instructed by Ryoko hosted by Salsa Madras, Chennai on 9 April 2021.


Our Online projects continue and have become part of our activities at Salsa Madras! As new projects come up they will get updated in the blog! We look forward to your constant support and participation in our efforts to keep the dancing alive and happening, be it in person or online




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