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SALSA got me fired from my Job!

My course in University of Edinburgh was quite hectic and my only stress buster was dancing salsa every week. All day in Lab, dancing salsa in the night was my regular schedule after few months of my stay in Edinburgh. I enquired for a part time job in the same club I go dancing - CUBA NORTE and the only vacancy was for washing dishes. I happily took it as I already felt the place like home and washing dishes and getting paid, felt more like getting paid to come dancing! After Working all day in lab and tiring the brain out, the part time job was a perfect choice with a rest to brains. After every night at work, I walk out, refresh myself, put on my body deo and change to new clothes to dance the night after. I loved the routine as it was a balance of studies, work, dancing and socialising engaging my mental, physical and social senses. It kept me busy running between places with no time to waste.

One day, I fell extremely sick with high temperature and by 4 PM I realised I cannot go for work that night and called up the chef to inform him about the condition and that I am going take an off from work. He agreed. But, being at home was making me feel more sick and at about 9 PM I decided to go to the Cuba Norte to listen to SALSA to feel better! I took the Lothian bus all the way to Haymarket where the Club is and went down and sat in one corner as the salsa night started and I was shivering with the high temperature but the salsa music made me feel better. Katerina Damani, our of my favourite dance partners I love to dance with, walks up to me and asks for a dance. I politely refused as I was too sick to dance. DJ Orlando from columbia was playing a lot of good songs and I am feeling better now and when Katerina walks up to me ask for a dance, I couldnt deny her this time! And once you have one dance, it doesnt stop there. The salsa night ended, I was feeling energitic, the health was back normal and I went back home happily.

The next day, I got a call! 'You are fired' shouts the chef and hangs up!

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