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SALSA e-Learning

Right from the Fundamentals to expert level, this is a one stop learning platform for Salsa!

Salsa is one the most popular social dances that have evolved over almost a century. The influences from so many cultures and other art forms has kept Salsa keep evolving and growing into a complex yet very interesting dance form to learn! There is so much to learn in terms of history of Music & Dance, Musicality and rhythms, Fancy shines, complicated partner work patterns, body movements, understanding of body and partner dynamics and list is endless. 

The popular styles of Salsa are Salsa on1, Salsa on2 & Cuban style. These styles have their own uniqueness and importance and more understanding of Music could also help to dance differently for different rhythms. 

We are constantly making efforts to be able to cover all the possible topics that you will ever need to become a complete Salsa Dancer! Hope you enjoy the journey with us! 

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