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Arun Srinivasan Pauer


Founder & Director, SALSA MADRAS

Organisor, Latin Festival Madras


With teaching experience of over 11 years, Arun S Pauer has attended over 70 festivals in over 17 countries in 3 continents, dancing, teaching, competing and performing in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba. He has organised 9 festivals since 2010 (Chennai Salsa Festival, Latin Festival Madras), one of the first instructors for Bachata in India at International festivals, pioneer of Kizomba in India. He has also taught various bootcamps in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba in over 8 countries in Asia & Europe. He has hosted over 600 socials in Chennai at various leading clubs and venues over 10 years.  2 times All India Salsa solo champion (2013, 2014), Semi-finalist in Salsa solo Professional division at the World Salsa Summit, Miami (2014), #6 at the HK world championship 2014, he in one of the leading names representing India in Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba alike. He is also the first to represent India at the professional Salsa solo category at the World Salsa Summit. 

Arun was born in 1985 in Madurai, India. A science graduate from University of Edinburgh, turned into a salsa professional, Arun Started SALSA in September 2007 as a social dancer and now is one of the Internationally recognized Afro and Latin dancer, Instructor, trainer, choreographer and Promoter from India. He started teaching SALSA, in March 2009 as a part time instructor and later headed the Lourd Vijay's Dance studio, Chennai till Feb 2014 and then started his own SALSA MADRAS from 1st March 2014. Over 11 years he has been a big contributor to make Chennai a world destination for Social dancing!

In the last 11 years and has been dancing/teaching/performing/competing/Dancing in other cities namely, Pondicherry, Goa, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Andaman, Kochi, etc and other countries viz. USA, Scotland, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Croatia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary, Austria, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany etc. 

ORGANISOR: Arun is quite experienced at organizing various events, small or big. He has been hosting over 600 socials in Chennai for over 10 years at various leading clubs in the city. He has hosted various special events, pool parties, bootcamps with national and international artists and has hosted over 9 festivals viz., Chennai Salsa Festival (LVDS) and Latin Festival Madras (Salsa Madras) are the popular ones! He has also been a promoter for various festivals across India, Asia & Europe.

Championships and Awards!

  • Winner, (with Gracielle An from US) Pro-Am Jack & Jill competition, Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival 2015

  • Winner, Professional Salsa Solo mixed division, Asia Championship 2014

  • Winner (with Dotty from Hungary), Jack n Jill competition, Manila Boracay Latin Dance festival 2014) 

  • #6, Salsa Solo open Men, HK world salsa championship 2014

  • Semi-finalist, Global Salsa championship, World Salsa Summit, Miami, 2014

  • Winner, Professional Salsa Solo mixed division, All India Salsa championship 2013

  • 2nd Runner up, Professional salsa couple division (with Minoti Ramachandra), All India Salsa Championship 2012

  • Runner up, Salsa solo open, Goa salsa festival 2012

  • Runner up, Professional salsa couple division (with Minoti Ramachandra), all India Salsa Championship 2011

For Afro and Latin Workshops, shows, events, DJ and the like, please feel free to get in touch by WhatsApp at +91 8122072572 or mail at 

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