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Sneha Vakkala

Afro Latin Instructor

Sneha Vakkala

4 years, 16 Festivals, over 40 shows, 4 countries,

With 4 years, 16 festivals, over 40 shows and 4 countries, she is one of the best social dancers in India and great performer and wonderful teacher representing India in the Asian Dance Community.  

Her expertise include the Afro & Afro Latin Dances, viz. Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, etc. She initiated the Ladies training programs at Salsa Madras. She also has been teaching Online for over 200+ hours since March 2020 and co-directed many online projects with Salsa Madras. 

She is also the Official Dance partner for Arun S Pauer and has been teaching and performing together since 2019. 

Some of the festivals she performed are 

  • India International Dance Congress, Bangalore (2017), 

  • Latin Festival Madras, Chennai (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), 

  • Boracay Latin Dance Festival, Philippines (2018, 2019, 2020), 

  • Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, Thailand (2018, 2019), 

  • ALFA, Malaysia (2019), 

  • World Bachata Festival, Malaysia (2019), 

  • Samui Latin Fiesta, Thailand (2020) 

among the others. 


A lot of little girls dream of being a dancer, But not all of them carry that dream into adulthood. Even fewer make the dream a  reality. She wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamt of being a dancer.

She started her journey into life doing very regular things, Maybe not that regular. Being from an Army background she used to switch cities every 2-3 years. That means new school, new people, new interests. Maybe because of this, she used to be very active from when she was young. She used to compete in swimming, Horse riding and  Badminton and was always trying out new things.

Just like any other Indian she was destined to be either an engineer or a doctor. So, she chose the easier one. she went to SRM University, kattankulathur to do her Engineering in Electronics and Communications (ECE) and graduated with one of the top marks in her University. In her Final year of her undergraduate, she got introduced to Salsa and just joined for the fun of it. Took a class and liked it. She travelled about 5 hours up and down every weekend for one hour of class. Woah, Thats quite some dedication. 

Then in few months, she switched to SALSA MADRAS and fell in love with the dancing, the people and its just unexplainable.

She knew that this is something that is going to stick around in her life, she couldn’t have been happy sitting at a desk in a 9-6 job. So, she rejected all the offers that she got in her placement and joined a real estate company instead which allowed her the freedom to move around and not sit in an office and die a very very slow death :P

She loves her day job as a real estate consultant and loves her evening job as a dancer even more. 

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