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Latin Instructor & Afro-Latin DJ


6 years, 17 Festivals, over 30 shows

Richard is one of the co-founding team members of Salsa Madras and has been one of the driving forces for the growth of the dance community in Chennai. Many dancers have started their Salsa/Latin Dance journey with Richard as their first teacher and have become a part of the growing dance community of Chennai. 

Richard stands testimony to the fact that anyone can dance. He began attending Latin dance classes as a student at Salsa Madras with no idea about the art form but instantly fell in love with the vibe and energy that the classes brought to him. With the fire in the belly, patience and consistent practice, he slowly but surely began achieving his dance goals. He was eventually inducted as a core team member of Salsa Madras and began teaching students from the year **. Having now completed 6 years, 17 Festivals and over 30 shows, Richard still continues to believe that Learning Never Stops. His personalized teaching ensures that his students dance techniques improve dramatically irrespective of their level. 


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