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Know your Instructor

Salsa Madras, Graz (Austria)

Arun S Pauer

Founder & Director

Arun S Pauer

Arun Pauer is an Internationally renowned Afro & Latin dance instructor, Founder & Director of 'Salsa Madras' in Chennai and Graz. He is also the organizer of 'Latin Festival Madras' in Chennai, which has become one of the largest and most popular Latin dance festivals in India. He has been teaching Latin dance for over 14 years in over 20 countries in over 100 dance festivals. Arun has a passion for teaching and his classes are renowned for their energy and enthusiasm. He emphasizes the importance of proper technique and body movement in order to achieve the best results. He has had the pleasure of teaching people from all over the world, from beginners to advanced dancers. Arun is committed to the development of Afro & Latin dance in India, Austria and around the world, and his passion and dedication to the art is evident in his work. He is an inspiring teacher and leader, and his enthusiasm and knowledge of Afro & Latin dance is contagious.

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