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Dancing with the stars (TNIE)

Salsa Madras hosted the 4th Latin Festival Madras 2017 and Chennai was at its hottest with dancers from over 30 countries coming down to dance with each other at the wonderful dance weekend. Sara Lopez, JT & Ania, Ruben Lee, all for the first time in India along with various other top artists put the City up high in the Afro Latin Dance world once again! Salsa Twins, Angel Fayth, Saori Watanabe along with the top DJs, Gupson Pierre, Selva and Ajad added so much spice to the weekend filled with dancing, surfing and fun! It turned into one of the best Dance holidays in India.

for more info on the festival,

Thanks to The New Indian Express (TNIE) for the article on 29th September 2017.

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