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INDULGE Valentine's day event & Salsa Madras

Salsa Madras is honored to be part of the grand Valentine's day event organised by Indulge (The New Indian Express). The team consisting for 4 guys and 3 girls performed 3 shows (2 bachata and 1 salsa shines) to a wonderful crowd that were present at the Valentine's Day event. The team comprised of Arun Srinivasan, Julia Pauer, Bonny Avanoor, Vijay Balaji, Richard Pereira, Sneha Vakkala, Nirali Simani

Show #1 was a Bachata by 2 couples - Arun Srinivasan, Nirali Simani, Richard Pereira, Sneha Vakkala for a medley for 2 songs - one urban and one dominican Bachata songs.

Show #2 was Salsa Shines performance - Arun Srinivasan, Richard Pereira, Julia Pauer, Vijay Balaji, Bonny Avanoor

Show #3 was a Bachata performance - Arun Srinivasan, Julia Pauer, Vijay Balaji, Bonny Avanoor, Nirali Simani, Sneha Vakkala

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